For Pediatricians

The KinderDoc-Pediatrician Alliance

KinderDoc is not intended to replace the Pediatrician or Primary Care Provider (PCP).

In fact, KinderDoc serves as an adjunct to the Pediatrician's office, exclusively covering the crucial but under-served night and weekend hours.

It is our firm belief at KinderDoc that nothing replaces the relationship between a Pediatrician and their patients. All patients evaluated at KinderDoc will be recommended to follow-up with their PCP in person.

We have already partnered with several Pediatricians across the State of Florida to ensure quality, affordable after hours care for their patients, while helping to reduce Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits, which affect the evermore crucial Meaningful Use incentives.

Additional benefits of becoming a Partner Practice include discounted fees for your patients, referral benefits, and access to the KinderDoc Nurse Triage Line, which offers discounted rates and EMR integration, among other advantages. Oh, and let's not forget, a night off.

If you or your group are interested in partnering with KinderDoc to provide a reliable and affordable option for your patients' after hours care, please contact us for a full presentation of our services and results.