About Us

KinderDoc is the Brain-Child of Dedicated Pediatrician Dr Phillip Matar

"While in practice, I noticed a significant void in the quality of after-hours care that my patients received outside of the office. The question for me was simple: How would I be able to impact the most patients, yet ensure that quality care was received? That, my friends, is how KinderDoc was born."

KinderDoc is Here to Simplify Your Life

No more begging your doctor to be squeezed in at the end of the work day, missing work or school, or lugging all the kids to urgent care just because one of your little ones has pink eye. 

Studies show that the longer you sit in the waiting room at an urgent care or ER, the greater the risk of exposure to other illnesses.

With KinderDoc, your living room is the doctor's office...or your kitchen, or dining room, or on the patio by the pool!

KinderDoc Gives You Consistent, Quality Pediatric Care

You may have tried other telemedicine services before, and had a bad experience. 

You can put those fears to rest with KinderDoc!

No more worrying about your child being seen by a retired Anesthesiologist doing telemedicine on the side, or never seeing the same doctor twice. 

With KinderDoc, you will see the same group of Pediatric providers at every visit.

And don't forget about the included 3 day follow-up call from the Doc!

"We intend to treat you as patients, but get to know you as family." - Dr. Matar

Serving the State of Florida (Residents and Visitors)