Visit Fee

The first visit is just $30!

All subsequent visits are a flat rate of $50.

Your card will only be charged after the patient has been seen by the Doc.

Serving the State of Florida (Residents and Visitors)

Method of Payment

All Major Credit and Debit Cards are accepted. 

Special Pricing

As a special "Thank You" for your service, all members of the Armed Forces, First Responders, Nurses and Teachers will receive 10% off the visit fee with presentation of valid ID.

Cost of KinderDoc vs ER or Urgent care

With KinderDoc, you pay a flat fee for any and all services. That includes virtual exam, medical advice/counseling, calling-in prescriptions (if needed) and the 3 day follow-up phone call.

Visiting an ER or Urgent Care will require a co-pay up front, generally $200-$300 for the ER, or $40-100 for the Urgent Care. In addition to the copay, if your insurance plan has a deductible which has not yet been met, you will receive a bill in the mail several weeks later for the full amount charged by the facility. This means that a simple trip to the Urgent Care for pink eye could cost hundreds of dollars!

With KinderDoc, the flat fee is fixed, insurance is not required, and you will NEVER receive additional medical bills from us. Guaranteed.

Referral Program

We appreciate you spreading the word! For every referral who mentions your name during their visit, you will receive 5% off your next visit. Referral discounts are stackable, so the more you refer, the more you save...all the way up to a free visit!


At this time, health insurance is not accepted.